Thursday, March 25, 2010


What a week. Overnight, we received TWO MORE awards! Which is just wonderful, but the awards after- parties are wearing me out! :)
First, look what my friend Teal'c gave me! It's the Happy 101 Sweet Friends Award. Wasn't that pawsome of him?!
There are rules that come with this award; I have to:

1: Copy the image and paste it to my blog
2: List 10 things that make me happy, and do one of them today
3: List 10 bloggers who brighten my day - another tough one! You all brighten and enlighten!

Here goes - 10 things that make me happy:

1 - Treats! And more treats!
2 - Belly scratches!
3 - Chasing squirrels!
4 - The thought that I can climb trees (to continue to chase the squirrels!)
5 - Sleeping under the covers; you should hear my big "sigh..." when I get comfy
6 - Begging at the table, even though my mom won't let me :(
7 - Rides in the car - Unless it's to the V-E-T!
8 - Teasing my sister and brothers, Lucy, Trouper, and Buster (they don't seem to like it as much; hmmm...)
9 - Watching the bunnies in the front yard - I don't understand why I can't play with them...
10 - All of my bloggy friends! They're so kind and friendly, and I'm so glad to have met them!

Now I'll pass this great award on to 10 blogger friends, and they have to follow the rules, too: 1000 Goldens; Piappies World; Sugar the Golden Retriever; Dog Foster Mom; Erin & Pompei, oh, heck - I have to give it to all of my friends. It's too difficult to choose! They're all sweet and wonderful!

The Pittie Pack (Guero, Coco Chanel, Brinks, Bella, Lucky, and Tiger) gave us the Friends Forever award - how terrific is that?!

This is one I have to share with ALL of you; I can't possibly choose, because I think you are all wonderful and very, very special!

I feel so fortunate to have met you through blogging. What a fantastic circle of friends we've made!

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