Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sophie Finds A Home

Remember Sophie and Athena?

These little ladies started their lives in a local animal control facility. Luckily our shelter was able to pull them, and one of the staff members has been more than willing to foster them the past several weeks.

Let's face it, Pit Bull puppies are the cutest in the world. Paws down. They have the wrinkliest faces, the biggest paws, and the beefiest legs. They're just plain cute.

But Sophie was getting short shrift. It seemed that everyone was drawn to Athena. I don't know if it's her gorgeous cashmere coloring, but people were generally ignoring Sophie. I was starting to think this poor puppy had two strikes against her: She's a Pit Bull and a black dog (although she has the cutest white chin and bib). Could people really not see her beauty - that wrinkled forehead, those beefy legs, those beautiful eyes? And, although they're both great puppies, and Sophie is the bigger of the two, she's happens to be the more gentle of the two.

Yesterday, actually after adoption hours were over, a family came in looking for a dog.

For a change, this family was not averse to Pit Bulls. But they did want a puppy. Well, I just happened to have TWO Pit Bull puppies to show them! We went over to Sophie and Athena, and I figured this would be another application for Athena. Was I ever wrong. Both mom and dad said "I like the black one," and the kid, bless his kid brain, said "I'll take both of them"!

This was the most perfect family I've ever met. By Perfect, I mean, I would like to adopt all of our dogs to them, NOW. I love them. I love their son. He's five years old, a gentleman, and a gentle person. He was so gentle with Sophie, I wanted to hug him until he cried "uncle!". (I know this might sound strange, but I meet a lot of families with children, and most of the children are hellions.)

For her part, Sophie absolutely loved this kid. She would not stop licking him. They cuddled and played for at least an hour, until Sophie fell asleep in his arms.

When they were ready to leave, dad said "what do we do" and son said "we pick up our toys," and he proceeded to pick up all the dogs toys strewn around the room, even the ones he didn't take out. (I asked if he could vacuum and cook, but apparently he's still in learning mode. I told them I'm willing to wait.)

Sophie went home today to The Most Perfect Family. I'm so happy for her. I wish every dog could be this lucky. The best part is that she will be living around the corner from one of the shelter staff (who also helped foster Sophie and Athena) AND she's been invited to visit whenever she'd like. Have I mentioned that I love this family?!
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